4 Lessons That Have Emerged After The Recent Development In The IBA Harassment Case

IBA harassment case
Image Source: Mashable

A recent development has emerged in the Institute of Business Administration’s (IBA) sexual harassment case. The varsity has now reinstated the student Mohammad Gibrail. He was expelled last month because he had highlighted an alleged harassment case on social media, which he had allegedly witnessed on the university’s premises.

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As Gibrail’s expulsion news broke out, his class-fellows, batchmates, friends, and university fellows protested against the administration and demanded his reinstatement.

Now that the student has been taken back to the institute, many lessons have emerged after the recent development, and here they are.

1. One must not downplay the importance of social media; it holds immense power. All those who think voicing out their opinions on social media won’t make a difference, need to reevaluate their thought processes. The IBA harassment case is a great example of the power social media holds.

2. The fact that it took the varsity over a month to repeal its decision speaks volumes about how much they value their students and what really matters for them.

3. Even after the whole fiasco, IBA has failed to reprimand the harasser or even call the alleged criminal out. By doing all that its done, the institute is only trying to avoid bad PR.

4. If the student body collectively comes together to speak up against a cause, then they can definitely achieve a lot. The power lies in joining forces against injustice.

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