We Bet Nobody In This World Can Get An 80% On This Random Knowledge Quiz!

Knowledge Quiz
Source: DNA India, ReadWrite

You are probably not from this planet if you can get 80% on this very difficult and fun random knowledge quiz. GOOD LUCK!!!

What does CNN stand for?

CNN The New York Times
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What is the capital of Japan?

Tokyo Universal Weather Aviation
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How many watts of electricity are in a Kilowatt(KW)

Electricity The Robot Report
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Where in the body is blood produced?

Red blood cells animated Health Engine
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Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Sony all started in which country?

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What is the name for a small current of air with a vertical motion?

Updraft The Alabama Weather Blog
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What is the technical name for the hashtag symbol?

Hashtag Medium
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What is the unit used to measure spiciness?

Spicy Foods Penn Medicine
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On average, adult heart beats how many times a minute?

trans fats Pakistan Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials
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Hypertension is another name for what condition?

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We Bet Nobody In This World Can Get An 80% On This Random Knowledge Quiz!

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You aced the test! How on Earth did you do that?! You have a mighty brain and there's good reason to be proud of that!
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Morgan Freeman Clapping

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You failed the test. I have a lot to say about your score but the less said the better.

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