Pick Your Historic Events & We’ll Reveal The Generation You Belong To

Decade You Belong Suno Chanda

Choose your historic events and we’ll reveal the Generation you belong to the most. Solve this fun and historic quiz to find out NOW!!!

Pick a Historic Event.

World War 1
Russian Revolution
World War 2 WW2

Pick a Historic Event.

Digital Revolution
Cold War

Pick a Historic Event.

Vietnam War
Spanish Flu
Man on Moon

Pick a Historic Event.

Industrial Revolution
Pakistan Earthquake

Pick a Historic Event.

Zia Ul Haq Plane Crash
Commonwealth Flag
Pakistan World Cup 1992, Waqar Younis 92 World Cup

Pick a Historic Event.

Pyramids of Giza
Black Death

Pick a Historic Event.

Pearl Harbor

Choose Your Historic Events & We’ll Reveal The Generation You Belong To
Baby Boomers

Suno Chanda Old Man

You got Baby Boomer a.k.a. the Rock 'n Roll Generation (1946 to 1964). You've seen and done enough to not care any longer about the everyday challenges that life throws your way. Everyone envies how incredibly zen you are!
Generation Z

Suno Chanda Kid

You got Generation Z a.k.a. The Founders (1998 to 2010). You are committed, goal-oriented, and are quick to look for solutions rather than whining over your problems.

Iqra Aziz

You got Millennial a.k.a. Generation Y (1981 to 1997). You appreciate actual physical social interaction as opposed to social media and would have a warm heart that instantly puts people at ease.

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