Wanna Know Who’s Binod? Here’s The Story Behind The Viral Memes!

binod viral memes
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Binod memes have been going viral on the internet and if you’re going crazy finding out what the hell is this about, you’e not alone!

Even Ducky Bhai doesn’t have any idea!

But after some digging we’ve finally cracked the code behind these viral binod memes!

An Indian YouTube channel Slayy Point posted a video titled “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD)” where YouTubers Abhyudaya and Gautami explored the comments that make no sense.

They noted that a user named “Binod Tharu” had commented only his first name under one of the videos which made no sense.

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To add fun, the YouTubers enacted situations where the answer to every question was “Binod”.

The trend took off from there and has swapped the internet with viral Binod memes ever since!

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And to the extent that some official Twitter accounts changed their names to “Binod.”

Yeah, now you know the story behind this strange trend!

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Now, don’t “Binod” under every post because everything is already “Binod”!