Uzma Khan Case: Pakistan Fails To Understand How Everything Was A “Misunderstanding!”

uzma khan case
Source: Pakistan Press Agency

That the Uzma Khan case will come to an end after a settlement was always on the cards and expected by many. But what came as a shocker to all of us was the copy of the document that has gone viral after the settlement between the two parties.

As per the document Uzma Khan has withdrawn her case against the women who attacked her and mentions that the FIR was a “misunderstanding.”

Violent video clips showing the actor and her sister Huma Khan being harassed by the women from the family of business tycoon, Malik Riaz had sparked outrage on social media earlier last week.

But despite visual evidence, the document reads that the injuries the sisters had sustained were caused by broken glass from a table.

It is further stated that the suspects nominated in the FIR were innocent.

Meanwhile, Uzma Khan’s legal team that included Hassaan Niazi and Khadija Siddiqi dissociated themselves from the case after the news of a settlement began to circulate.

Now even though the settlement was anticipated, the document has left Pakistanis shocked!

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Many now believe that the whole situation might have been a staged drama to get money.

Whatever the reasons for the settlement might be one can’t deny that the whole fiasco has once again identified the gaping holes in the infamous “system.”

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