Talal Chaudhry Got Injured For “Tanzeem Sazi” Late At Night & The Memes Are Hilarious

Talal Chaudhry memes
via Twitter

By now, you must know the fiasco that had the internet busy over the weekend after Talal Chaudhry mysteriously got beaten up by some “unknown” people. Twitterati had been coming up with all sorts of rumors but so far no one knows what actually happened!

Now obviously Insafians or better known as youthiyas are having a ball making hilarious memes at Talal Chaudhry and let’s start the week with a good laugh!

The meme factories finally got to have a busy weekend!

When it’s just not your time!

Talal shahab, get a watch maybe?!

Don’t disturb colleagues after work hours guys!

Take notes!


Tanzeem Sazi gone wrong!

Who else had their eyes on Mian sahab‘s account?

I mean we learnt that in bachpan, no?

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Only if he was not a workaholic ready to work at 3am and had watched the Simpson instead!

Did you also hear Kopek say that?

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What all of us want from coworkers after working hours…

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And in the end, we have a public service message for all the boys roaming at 3am:

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