Indian Media Reported A #CivilWarInKarachi & Pakistani Meme Factories Provided Them Live Coverage

civil war karachi
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Following the recent blast at Gulshan e Iqbal, Indian media couldn’t resist helping their beloved Pakistani brothers and sisters and took it upon themselves to risk their lives and provide live coverage and give voice to the “civil war” in “Gulshan-e-Bagh” Karachi.

You think we’re daydreaming? Think Again!

We’ve visual proof and people with a weak heart shouldn’t proceed because the content is super hilarious and might leave you in fits!

The power of social media couldn’t stop the meme factories to provide live coverage of “civil war” in Karachi!

Civil aviation face to face with PAF jets!

Thanks to the RAW agents for landing on site and record the scenes!

Things escalated super fast just like an Indian drama!

The president stood by the people’s side!

Traitors will say it’s fake!

The real hero!

There were casualties too!

Things got under control after this gentleman took over!

If you see Zarrar Khuhro, your eyesight is weak!

You say we’re kidding? See the helicopters landing yourself!

War isn’t a joke, okay?

Situation was pretty tense!

Preparations were in full swing!


Brave citizens now behind the bars!

See, why PM wanted everybody to watch Ertugrul!

Godzilla had to be called!

International heroes had to intervene to take control!

It was a global ar. DC and Marvel got united!

Indian brothers crossed the border to provide help!

Women power!

Things got under control by late night and heroes were awarded with medals!

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