Twitter Reactions: Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Address To The Nation Wins Over Pakistan

Imran Khan's Address To The Nation

Late last evening, the newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan addressed the nation for the first since assuming power. His speech that went on for almost an hour and a half broke many conventions, surprising and eventually winning over many of his staunchest critics.

As soon as the camera rolled, gone was the Khan who was known for fiery speeches that were dedicated to speaking ill of his political opponents and riddled with unceremonious language. In his place was a calm and collected gentleman, having a candid discussion with his people, recounting (almost) every issue that plagued them and paternally offering a road map to a better tomorrow.

By the end of Imran Khan’s address to the nation, the reflections of even his stanchest critics demonstrated a visible thaw.

Given the nature of the Premier’s maiden address to the nation, this overwhelmingly positive reaction was not surprising at all.

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Now it is not the first time that a head of state has reminded us of the many challenges that face Pakistan, but it is certainly the first time a sitting Prime Minister has chosen to speak about entirely neglected issues such as childhood malnutrition, under-5 and maternal mortality, education emergency, climate change and child sexual abuse. While these issues have been plaguing Pakistan for decades, it is a first that an elected Prime Minister has acknowledged them as key concerns and promised to address them during his tenure.

Pakistan is then rightfully overwhelmed with hope and excitement for a better, more prosperous future.

For once the entire nation seemed glued to a single “programme,” on television. Many shared how the newly elected Prime Minister had their entire family’s attention.

Those in Pakistan were not the only ones listening intently to Khan. Even ex-pat Pakistanis had made it a point to listen to the Prime Minister’s maiden address to the nation.

The one phrase used by Premier Khan in his speech that quickly caught on and has been doing rounds on social media since last evening was most definitely, “Aap ny ghabbrana nahi hai,” (i.e. you do not need to panic).

Of course, not everyone was on the same page. There was a segment of Pakistanis who remained as disgruntled and unhappy with Imran Khan after the address as they were upon his election.

Then there were those who were up set that the Prime Minister did not touch upon certain issues in his address that demanded attention.

After carefully listening to Imran Khan’s address to the nation and having gone through both sides of the arguments put forth by Pakistanis, our own verdict is quite similar to that of veteran columnist, Nadeem Farooq Paracha.

You have our (critical) support Prime Minister Khan! 

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