Twitter Goes Bonkers After An Obscene Video Of Mufti Abdul Qavi Emerges Once Again

Mufti Abdul Qavi obscene video
Image Source: Twitter

Abdul Qavi — the ever-controversial-mufti — is in the news once again over a leaked obscene video, which has spread like wildfire on social media.

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In the video, he can be seen making sleazy gestures on a video call with someone who has apparently muted themselves and kept their camera off. Since he’s one of the ruling trends on Twitter, a quick search on the app will tell you what I’m talking about.

Qavi — the dishonored scholar — was stripped off his mufti title by his very own family over his involvement in disgraceful acts like these, and yet, here he is again with another viral video. SMH!


Truth be told, Twitterati are almost always on the lookout for material for memes, and what better meat than a viral video, right? So, let’s have a look at some of the best jokes to come out of this trend!

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When you accidentally press play —iykyk!

Let the battles begin!

Abdul Qavi not coming slow!

NGL, dekhte sab hain, batata koi nahi.

When the brain tells you to not do it, but you do it anyway! *facepalm*

When you see Mufti Abdul Qavi in top Twitter trends, you can almost imagine there’s another obscene video or some other kartoot there.

Glasses be like: don’t see, don’t see, you’ll regret it later.

Somebody help, my eyes are burning!

People running for goss!

*Smirks in Shahana*

Pakistani Twittersphere right now!

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