PM Imran Khan, Your Rape Apologist Comments Are Bringing Both Pakistan & Islam A Bad Name!

PM Imran rape apologist
Image Source: BBC

PM Imran Khan, you need to understand that being a rape apologist is not okay, and you need to stop putting out the same narrative that you did in the past during a live Q&A session, where you linked ‘vulgarity’ to rise in cases of sexual violence. Meanwhile, hurting the sentiments of millions of women across Pakistan.

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And, despite a huge uproar on Pakistani social media and bad press worldwide, PM Imran you continued to justify the same thought process again in a recent interview with Jonathan Swan for Axios where you said ‘purdah’ will avoid temptation in society.

As a Prime Minister of the country, you hold immense responsibility and your statements like “women wearing very few clothes will have an impact on men” gives a reason for toxic masculinity to flourish, and your words effectively validate all predators.

Such sweeping comments give way to shaming all victims and putting the onus of sexual violence on them and not the predators. Statements like these bury predators of all the blame they have in such a situation.

It has already been said and it will be said again that rape is NOT about clothes, it is about power and it is about rapists. About time we stop trying to scapegoat ‘clothes’ as the problem and hold them responsible for the heinous forms of physical violence.

Burqa-clad women, students in madaris, children, minors, boys, and even men are raped, they are subjected to sexual violence inside their homes, so it is an understandable fact that ‘clothes’ are not the problem, rapists are! So, basically, what you are saying makes no sense! Please, stop pushing a redundant and sexist argument to play for the gallery, PM sahab!

It’s high time men are held accountable for what they choose to do because it makes rapists feel blame-free and makes women vulnerable to sexual violence.

Not only have you – the premier – caused resentment for women and others from all walks of life, but have also brought a bad name for Pakistan, and with such comments, the image of a ‘good, changed Pakistan’ is only getting worse with time.

Imran Khan rape apologist
Image Source: BBC, Independent, NYT

PM Imran, you can’t keep saying that men are incapable of stopping themselves from raping women. By saying so you put the onus of not getting raped on women and on the other hand you expect the world to respect Muslims and not be Islamophobic, because what you said is a gross misinterpretation of Islam. Furthermore, it sends out a very bad image of Pakistan and Islam to the rest of the world.

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