Twitter Floods With Lassi Memes In Ramazan & They’re A Bit Too Relatable

Lassi memes
Image Source: Twitter

It feels like something is amiss if you don’t have at least one glass of lassi – for both Sehri and Iftari – in Ramazan, and these memes on Twitter justify that exact sentiment oh-so-accurately.

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Looking at all these memes on lassi, it won’t be wrong to say that it is not just a beverage, it is an emotion altogether.


Oh well, don’t you tell me you haven’t fought over a glass of lassi ever in your life? It’s a literal call to war if someone touches your glass of pure heaven!

Sehri feels so incomplete without lassi, please don’t tell me otherwise!

Meanwhile lassi lovers to everyone who think the drink is overrated…

Oh how that one glass of lassi makes you really really happy that you just wanna dance your heart out!

When the king of drinks, lassi, enters a room, every other beverage takes a bow!

Bilkul ricks ni lene ka, lassi ka quota poora karne ka!


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That my friends is the power of LASSI!

This one meme hurts, but it is true. Whenever you go overboard on those glasses of lassi and your kidneys beg for relief, but there’s no going back!

Some people cannot handle a word against their favorite drink; they might even smack you for that.

HAHAHA! There’s no denying that lassi makes you super drowsy but iske bina chain bhi kahan ray?

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