Turkish Chef CZN Burak Visiting Pakistan Thinks Our Tea Is Fantastic

Turkish Chef CZN Burak

Famous Turkish chef Burak Ozdemir or most commonly known as CZN Burak is in Pakistan on a four day trip.

Burak, popular for his unique cooking style, travelled up to Murree hill station on Monday and expressed his love for Pakistani cuisine.

Burak in a social media post said that he was mesmerised with beauty of Malka Kohisar, Murree.

The chef is absolutely in love with our tea and says “Pakistani tea is fantastic.”

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Ozdemir is known for his gigantic sized portions of Middle Eastern foods all over the world and has over 480k followers on Twitter and 17.3 million followers on Instagram.

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Earlier, the Turkish chef CZN Burak also said that he would be opening a restaurant in Pakistan which will most likely be be a branch of his Turkish restaurant chain.

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