TikTok Got Unbanned Again In Pakistan & Of Course Memes!


Tiktok and Pakistan have a major love-hate relationship. While the aam awaam seems to crave its short-form videos, TikTok has often found it difficult to secure the good graces of the government. Only in the last one year the app has repeatedly been banned and later unbanned in Pakistan.

On November 19, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) unbanned the Chinese video-sharing app TikTok after it had banned it for a fourth time on July 20, 2021. PTA announced its decision through its official Twitter handle.

Five months ago, TikTok had been banned by PTA over its ‘immoral/indecent content. Many of the app’s users were left positively heartbroken owing to the ban. On the other hand, digital rights activists were of the view that PTA’s policy of banning websites and apps was curbing freedom of expression in Pakistan.

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While those who weren’t active users of the app treated this news with supreme indifference…

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…But the ones who use Tiktok literally could not contain their khushi!

The happiness of the Pakistani TikTok users is contagious. Even I can’t stop smiling because of it!

of course a huge part of this happiness dealt with not having to depend on VPNs anymore.

But not everyone welcomed the unban with enthusiasm. TikTok’s many opponents were rather grim.

Oblivious to the haters, the app’s fans are already hooked to their old ways and why not?

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