PTA Unbanned TikTok & We Have Memes Again

tiktok ban
via Twitter

On Monday, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) lifted the ban from TikTok “after assurance from management that they will block all accounts repeatedly involved in spreading obscenity and immorality.”

Well, now this banning and unbanning with TikTok has a silver lining to it and that is the memes that are always there to cheer us up!

1. TikTokers be like, “I don’t like jokes!”

2. Memers just after the 10 days of reigning the Pakistani cyberspace:

3. But now the kings are back to take their throne!

4. All that is left is just a task force of TikTokers that the PM of TikTok might wanna have to get the things working!

5. Oh and if you guys aren’t aware… Jannat Mirza decided to move to Japan after the ban!

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6. Yayyy.. can’t wait for what’s gonna be up there again (to stir the conversation of ban lol).

7. Be careful while driving.. TikTokers are about to take over the streets.

Let’s cooperate… they’ve to cover up for the 10 days’ loss guys!

8. It’s like getting back your oxygen!

But you won’t know if you aren’t a TikToker.

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9. Now that’s the gold content that we’d been missing!

10. While people jinka TikTok sa koi lain den nahi:

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