This Weekend’s Power Outage Made Way For Some LIT Memes!


Twitter has been exploding with memes relating to the Power Outage all over Pakistan. These are the ones we found the funniest!!!

Sindh probably doesn’t even care, they didn’t even have electricity before all of this.

Imran Khan really be shaking right now.

His phone won’t have charge for him to say, “Babe mai tumhe wapis call karta hu”.

Everyone is saving their phone’s charge because no one knows how long this will last.

This power outage has brought out the engineer in us.

If you know, you know.

This will be a huge surprise for everyone.

Don’t be afraid guys, nothing’s wrong.

It can be difficult to not have a data connection.

It just doesn’t end…

Aap ke ghar light hai?

This would be so cool!!!

They are ruling the world right now.

His posture is perfect, he can start any generator out there.

Literal Goosebumps by this one.

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Literally everyone right now.

Oh hell no, 2020 should stay where it is.

This is not a really good idea.

Power saving has no chance against the power outage in Pakistan.

Android do be lasting longer than iPhone.

Now we know what the issue is.

Pakistan going dark.

Pakistan has a new way of passing their time and now they’re addicted to it.