#PMIKonDigitalMedia – 5 Responses By Imran Khan That Gave Me Hope & 5 That Left Me Confused

Imran Khan Digital Media
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Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday spoke with digital media publishers about the situation in Balochistan, Ehsaas Program, Police Gardi and Pakistan’s education emergency. It was an hour long extensive press conference, where the Premier answered questions of the digital media persons and some YouTubers as well.

PM Imran Khan Trying To Keep Things Transparent

This is something that no other government in the history of Pakistan has ever done. So, I’ll give to PM for initiating such programs. This looks like a good step towards change because at least he is holding himself accountable in front of the masses by keeping the watchdogs in loop. This is something that gave me hope that at least IK is trying to keep things transparent in whatever capacity he possibly can.

Endless Blaming On The Previous Governments

Moving on, something that was amiss in the entirety of the session was the lack of depth in his answers. He kept repeating the same answer for every question. So basically, the Premier kept explaining how the current government is trying to clear the mess that the previous governments have created.

Imran Khan Digital Media

Change in Pakistan vs Change in Other Countries

Another thing that I noticed was how he kept comparing change in Pakistan with other nations’ and how he kept explaining that the country is going through the same process that other countries have already witnessed.

Unsatisfactory Answers On Pertinent Questions

Moreover, he didn’t have rather strong answers for questions like education financing or what is being done to tackle the situation in Balochistan or about how the ruling government is reforming the Police.

Ehsaas Program

One thing that he sounded rather passionate and excited about was the Ehsaas program, and that does give me hope in terms of how the lower strata will have access to basic health and ration facilities. Yes, the COVID-19 situation has brought some initiatives to a halt and likewise, Ehsaas program has faced a major setback as well, but this one program does look promising.

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Imran Khan Digital Media

Electric Cars in Pakistan

While answering a question about investing in electric cars in Pakistan, Imran Khan replied with how for the first time in years initiatives are being taken in this arena. And also how big names from the automobile industry are interested in investing in Pakistan. This sounds hopeful as Pakistan is way behind in terms of tech operated cars and because our automobile industry is lagging behind other countries. So this is a ray of hope for Pakistan!

Economic Achievements In Pakistan

Another promising aspect that came out of the whole talk was when PM IK told that despite COVID and its debilitating effects on economic giants like the US; Pakistan was able to withstand it tremendously by making more profits in terms of remittances.

PTI Ministers and Social Media

Imran Khan fell short of words while answering the question on how PTI’s ministers are often involved in political point scoring on social media and how Sania Nishtar is the only woke, responsible one out there. He didn’t have much to suggest in this regard. Considering how the whole talk was with the digital media publishers, and how his major vote bank is from the youth that heavily relies on digital media, Khan did not know how to direct his ministers to intelligently take the whole system forward, as youth looks up to them.

Imran Khan Digital Media

Change is Not a Switch, says PM

In conclusion, the session had much talk about how the previous governments have destroyed the overall state of Pakistan, and how change is not a ‘switch,’ it is a process that takes time. Okay yes, we know that, but the question that kept ticking me was now what is the way forward? And what is the current government doing to overcome that? Yes, there’s a lot of pressure from the opposition in overthrowing Imran Khan’s government, but what next? What has been done so far for the public; and how much work has been done on all those promises that Khan made before coming into power?

As an ordinary citizen, my questions weren’t answered. However, this was a brilliant initiative and this must be carried on. Despite many flaws, I appreciate the PM of Pakistan accepting the shortfalls of his government in front of the entire nation.

You can watch the whole session here:

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