Netizens Are Loving This Little Girl Asking Super Valid Questions About Patriarchy

little girl patriarchy
Image Source: Twitter

Internet is going crazy over this video of a little girl questioning the patriarchy that exists in our society.

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Back in the day, girls weren’t introduced to these concepts early in their life. It took them quite some time and awful lot of experiences to realize the deep seated gender stereotypes and everyday sexism. Looking at this girl being this wise so early on is quite impressive. It’s good to see how she is asking all the right questions about the gender roles that society has defined for us.


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“Why is it man-made? Aren’t women allowed to build stuff? Why is it not people-made?” asks this little girl who seems quite confused with the state of the world when it comes to patriarchy. When her mother asked where she heard this, the girl replied, “in social studies”.

Mentioning Abraham Lincoln’s famous quote from Gettysburg Address, where the United States’ 16th President said that “all men are created equal”, the girl asks her mother, “aren’t women created equal too? Why don’t they say all people are created equal?”


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Her video has been shared across multiple platforms and netizens are praising her for her intellect and bravery for questioning the patriarchal norms at such a young age.

We feel you, guurl!


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