This Coronavirus Awareness Song By DC Hafizabad Is A Winner, I Tell You!

DC Hafizabad
Source: Urdu News

While there is panic all around the globe as the whole world fights the worst pandemic in its history, people are coming up with creative ways to raise awareness.

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Joining the fervor, Naveed Shahzad Mirza, DC Hafizabad, just made a Suno na Suno na version of a Coronavirus public service awareness song & it’s lit!

Deputy Commissioner Hafizabad warned the public to avoid crowded places and physical contact in his melodious voice.

He continued to stress calmness to fight the deadly virus.

Daro na daro na tum daro na, corona sa mil kay sab laro na

He concluded his message by advising people to avoid hoarding stuff at their homes.

Here, listen to the melodious composition by DC Hafizabad and – for the LOVE OF GOD – follow his instructions!

Pakistanis are in love with Naveed Shahzad‘s voice and appreciating his creativity!

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This guys thinks the Deputy Commissioner’s message should be played on all the TV networks.

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A little singing competition between the DCs will definitely entertain the poor, quarantined souls like us!

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