These Pakistani Students Developed An App For Coronavirus Prevention & Woah!

coronavirus app
Source: Independent Urdu

Six students at Habib University in Karachi have developed an app to prevent the novel Coronavirus.

The app will use Artificial Intelligence to guide its users as to how they can prevent falling victim to Coronavirus.


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They hope to present this app at an international competition at the University of Texas A&M.


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“Invent for the Planet” is organised in 48 universities around the world to give an opportunity to students to make a proposal worthy to solve a global issue.

Source: YouTube

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Several teams from Habib University submitted their entries to participate in this global competition. The team that came in second has created an app called ‘World Against Corona’.

coronavirus app
Source: Independent Urdu

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The team behind this app constituted of of six students that belong to Habib University’s Computer Science Department, Communication and Design Department and Social Development and Policy Development.

Source: Independent Urdu

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Talking to Independent Urdu, these students told that using Artificial Intelligence, this app will give information as to what is the reason behind Coronavirus spreading globally.

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Whoever opens the app will first be told via animation how many cases have been reported and in which part of the world.


As of today, the death toll from the Coronavirus outbreak has crossed 1800.