SHO Khurram Shehzad Sending A 7-Year-Old Miswak Seller To School Is The Most Beautiful Story You’ll Read On The Internet Today

SHO kid selling miswaks
via Twitter @Khurram_zakir

SHO Khurram Shehzad came across a 7-year-old kid named Umair Ali who was selling Miswaks at Sheikhupura petrol station.

Umair, who has six or seven more siblings lives with his parents who have no permanent source of income. To help with the household expenses, he became a street vendor selling miswak.

One such day the kid ran into the SHO who asked Umair if he wanted to go to school.

When I saw this child, I thought that he should be in school and I am capable of enrolling at least one child in school. I got him admitted to a nearby public school. Now he will go to school for the first time from September 30.

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Umair Ali is now enrolled in a nearby public school and is all set to start his academic life from today!

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SHO Khurram Shehzad often tries to help the needy by posting their stories on social media and has now gained a lot of popularity through his social work.

Khurram Shehzad told Independent Urdu, “The perception of the police is very negative in our society. I want to disprove that impression. We also have feelings, we feel the pain of others and we also want to do good for the people of our community.”

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