These 14 Tweets Will Make You Want To Shift To “Parallel Universe”

in parallel universe tweets prem gali sohai ali abro farhan saeed
Source: Trendinginsocial / Twitter

After reading these 14 “in parallel universe” tweets, you’d actually start packing your stuff and get ready to move there!

1. The problem that has us crying since forever has finally been resolved.

2. Because humans have not invaded the Lahore in this guy’s parallel universe!

…But that’s about to change!

3. Sorry, but this won’t change dear!

4. Imagine the kind of memes we’re gonna have!

Already excited!

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5. Can’t happen otherwise!

6. My parents already asking for the address to this universe!

On WhatsApp of course…

7. Amen to this one!

8. Ye cheez...

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9. Finally, a happy moment for engineers!

10. Oh my, oh my!

11. Is this paradise that we’re talking about?!

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12. OMG you guys!

13. Guess, who’s gonna be the richest person now?

14. It’s time for celebration…

…but in the parallel universe!

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