These 13 “I’m A Simple Person” Tweets Will Be Your Guide To A Happy Life

I'm Simple Person Tweets Mahira Khan

No matter what problem you’re facing in life, the solution is pretty simple!

Don’t believe me? These “I’m A Simple Person” tweets will definitely do the job!

1. The detox recipe for a peaceful mind!

2. Oops! Dude really needs to up his game in politics.

3. Huff finally we can avoid all the like, subscribe shit that goes on for half of the video!

4. That is exactly what you do!

5. Because, we rarely get a good picture!

6. Is that too much to ask for?

Or maybe the corona situation has made it a big deal!

7. Huh life’s too short… just wait 3 hours and move on!

8. That is how you spend a rainy day!

9. As simple as that!

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10. I’ll be only replying with my fav songs to every message from now on!

11. Done with all the social interactions!

12. Choti choti khushiyan.

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13. The only solution to all the boy problems!

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