This Man Risked His Life To Rescue A Dog Amid Heavy Floods In Swat & Massive Respect

swat floods
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The Swat River has risen to an alarming level after torrential rains, flooding the houses and hotels located near the river bank. The brimming water level has forced the locals living near the Swat River to vacate the residential area and move to safer places as heavy floods threaten the safety of residents.

Social media has been flooded with frightening visuals pouring from Swat valley depicting the threatening situation in Mingora city.

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And amid heavy floods this one man is winning hearts over the internet!

You ask why, well watch the video below!

This local in Swat risked his life to rescue a dog stranded in flash floods.

When we say he risked his life it’s really not a stretch and you really have to see the video to realize how heavy the flow of water was!

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As per reports, at least six people were killed and 20 others received injuries after hours long torrential rains swelled rivers and streams in Swat and Shangla districts.

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