The Spat Between Ahmed Ali Butt & Dawn Had A Jami – Hameed Haroon Angle

Ahmed Ali Butt dawn
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With the ongoing debate about Aurat March and ‘Mera Jism Meri Marzi’, it seems like everyone has their own unique view. Renowned Actor, Ahmed Ali Butt joined in the debate with his take on Aurat March.

Ahmed Ali Butt

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OK, Ahmed Ali Butt might not be totally right here but it really is something when Dawn calls you a hypocrite. Like seriously? Out of everyone, Dawn?? They posted on their Insta handle with this caption.

Ahmed Ali Butt

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Now of course, Butt Sahb wasn’t going to stay quiet at this.

Ahmed Ali Butt

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With this ongoing discourse, Vasay Chaudhry joined in for the aid of his friend. He pointed out the things we were all thinking about Dawn at that time.

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Dawn really need to look at themselves first before pointing fingers at someone else. When your own CEO is an alleged rapist, when all your content is paid for and is copied from other sites, how can you call someone out for hypocrisy and Islamic values. That’s just pathetic.


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Dawn has deleted the post in which the whole argument took place. Hameed Haroon has serious allegations against him for the rape of Jami Mehmood and Dawn tried everything to shut Jami out. So when Dawn talks about Islamic values, they really need to look at themselves first.

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