These 5 Ways Will Actually Take Your Monday Blues Away!

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Is Monday a killjoy in your life? Do you contemplate resorting to same childhood excuses to skip Monday? Do you play scenarios in your head where Monday is some person that you’re beating the crap out of? You might even wish that a week had no days starting with the letter “M”. If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then worry not child! We’ve finally cracked the code. Here are the ways that can actually take your Monday blues away!

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1. A Strict Work Detox On Weekends!

take Monday blues away
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In order to reboot your mind and soul, you better stay away from everything that says office work. Forget the follow-up email replies, don’t return a work call after 5 pm on Friday and even don’t schedule your pending work for the weekend. Just relax, hang-out with your friends and indulge in recreational activities.

This will help reduce fatigue, freshen your mind and prepare you well for the moody Monday!

2. Sleep Early On Sunday Night!


There’s no rocket science involved here. We’re just reiterating what your mom has been ranting about since your school days. Sleep early on Sunday night so that you don’t feel like a sloth on Monday!

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3. Make A Less Hectic To-Do List For Monday


Line-up unchallenging and easy-to-complete tasks on Monday so that you tick off the items on your list faster and experience a false sense of workplace productivity. The hack will make you see the M day in a different light!

4. Look Your Best!


Another trick that can take your Monday blues away is opting to dress your best to work on the day. Pick up your nicest piece of cloth, take shower, sprinkle yourself heavily with a scent and use your most expensive beauty products. The effort will trick you into feeling happy instead of gloomy on your way to the office on Monday.

5. Remind Yourself Of What’s At Stake!

take Monday blues away
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At times you have to play mind games with your own self to keep the ball rolling. So, if your Monday blues overwhelm you to the point of exhaustion, then you need to analyze what is on the line should you choose to resign. You can also look towards the incentives/rewards you get at the end of the month by the virtue of your job to motivate yourself.

That said if none of these ways work then you should seek professional help or revisit your career choices!

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