Students Can’t Stop Cracking Jokes After Board Exams Were Cancelled In Pakistan

pakistan board exams cancelled
Via Twitter @cHBilal94026657

The government of Pakistan has cancelled all board exams and extended the closure of educational institutions in the country till July 15 in the wake of the coronavirus situation.

Well, inevitably there is celebration and mad partying (virtual of course) as students toast to this unexpected decision by the government.

Here’s a round-up of the most hilarious memes and tweets after board exams were cancelled in Pakistan!

Just imagine being promoted to the next class without exams!

DAMN, how lucky these kids are!

Guess, Imran Khan already secured all their votes!

Hmmm… clever!

Someone please call DJ Butt!

Congrats to all the students who didn’t study this year!

Bhangra and dhols, laddus and jalebi; let the party begin!

Meanwhile, be prepared for an exam at home!

Cause they gotta prove you’re better than Aunty Perveen’s kid!

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PUBG, TikTok my friends.. here we come!

A word of caution: stay AWAY from elder siblings, bachoon!

They certainly aren’t gonna let you live like that!

And obviously, not everyone is happy about this decision…

A moment of silence for the nerds…

For once, matric/inter >>>>>> O/A levels

This scheme is so not for you, suckers!

Betrayal from the man you gave power to…politics is rough, guys!

HAHAHA… and we have a WINNER!