Dastak Na Do: Faisal Qureshi & Nadeem Baig Just Made A Drama On Coronavirus & You Gotta Watch!

faisal qureshi coronavirus drama
Source: Takka Tak YouTube Channel

Just a couple of weeks back, Faisal Qureshi gave us all a super spontaneous star-studded video on coronavirus and now he’s back with a drama on the same topic.

Produced by Faisal Qureshi and directed by Naddem Baig Dastak Na Do features Adnan Siddiqui, Saba Hameed, Sami Khan, Arjumand Rahim and Emaan Khan.

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The three-episode mini drama series aims to raise awareness about the coronavirus pandemic, Faisal Qureshi told in an interview.

And as one expects from Qureshi, the drama is a light comedy based on real-life situations to keep us all entertained as well as informed.

Qureshi discussed the idea with Baig and started working on the project before the lockdown situation took over.

Much of the pre-production work had been completed before the lockdown.

After the country was put under lockdown, most of the work was done virtually except the shoot. While shooting the drama, the team made sure to follow all the precautionary measures. The entire team was provided with protective gears while the sets were disinfected before the shoot.

Our team followed all the SOPs very strictly. Everyone’s temperature was checked and they were sanitized when they entered and exited the set.

You can watch the first episode of this drama here!

The mini-series will also be on-aired on various TV channels.