Spend Your Day & We’ll Give You A Microwavable Snack To Try!

Microwavable Snack

Answer these seven simple questions and at the end of this quiz, you’ll be rewarded with a quick microwavable snack recipe to try.

When are you waking up?

sajal ali sleeping

What's for breakfast?

Aloo Paratha
bread & egg
jam toast
halwa puri

What will you do after breakfast?

Iqra Aziz

What's for lunch?

chicken alfredo pasta
fruit salad

What are you doing after lunch?

Eman Suleman

What's for dinner?

Daal Chawal

What time will you head to bed?

sleeping emoji

Spend Your Day & We'll Give You A Microwavable Snack To Try!
Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Mug

microwave chocolate chi cookie

Microwave French Toast Mug

Microwave French Toast Mug

Mac and Cheese in a Mug

Mac & Cheese in a mug

Egg MugMuffin

egg mugmuffin

Crispy Potato Chips

Crispy Potato Chips

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