Bake A Cake & We’ll Tell You If At Heart You’re A Phuppo Or A Khala

iqra aziz bake a cake
Source: Dikhawa

Everyone has a personality of a khala or a phuppo and you just have to bake a cake to know yours!

Pick a flavor for your base:

chocolate cake
carrot cake
vanilla cake
red velvet cake

How many layers are there in your cake?

layered cake

Pick a frosting

buttercream frosting cake
whipped cream cake
chocolate cake
fondant cake

Choose some toppings:


Who are you sharing it with?

What are you serving it with?

cake party

Bake A Cake & We'll Tell You If At Heart You're A Phuppo Or A Khala

pakeeza phuppo

No matter how much you avoid, you end up being the focal person of every phadda in your friends and family. We know most of the time you don't even know how the hell that happened, but it's just how others percieve!

Bushra Ansari

You're considered one of the sweetest people in your friends and family and from elders to youngsters, everybody just falls in love with your personality!

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