Sonu Nigam Is All Praise For Young Pakistani Singer Hadia Hashmi After “Bol Hu” Left Him In Tears

sonu nigam hadia hashmi
Source: Global Space Village

Indian singer and composer, Sonu Nigam in his recent vlog got all emotional and teary-eyed after listening to young Pakistani singer, Hadia Hashmi in Nescafe Basement’s phenomenally hit sufi track, Bol Hu.

Visibly moved, Sonu Nigam could not seem to get over the powerhouse vocals of young Hadia Hashmi.

Bol Hu, a sufi song by Soch the Band featuring Hadia Hashmi had released amid raving reviews in February 2019.

While Hashmi clearly stood out in Nigam’s 2-minute vlog dedicated to Bol Hu, she wasn’t the only one he praised.

“It’s been a while since anything has touched my soul like this! What a song, what lyrics, what a composition! Wah! Soch the band, kya soch hai!”

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Soch the Band then took to Facebook to thank the singer for his kind words and wrote, “We have grown up following you and listening to your music so it’s like a dream come true for us.”

The producer of Nescafe Basement, Xulfi, also posted a video thanking him for appreciating the young talent and encouraging them to pursue their passion.

Bol Hu was also featured in 2019 Bollywood thriller Malang.

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