5 Things I Absolutely LOVED About Rafia Zeeshan’s Debut Track, “Dil Tu Jaan Tu”

Dil Tu Jaan Tu Rafia Zeeshan

Rafia Zeeshan, a philanthropist by profession, has released her debut track Dil Tu Jaan Tu ahead of Independence day. Rafia belongs to the city of musicians, Faisalabad, and performed at the age of seven for the first time.

Here are the 5 things that went through my mind after listening to Dil Tu Jaan Tu!

1. The song arises the deep-rooted spirit of patriotism and love that we have for our country but don’t get to express more often!

2. The lyrics of this national song give you the perfect combination of words to express your love for the country.

3. The melody of Dil Tu Jaan Tu is so catchy that you find yourself humming along with the singer!

4. Rafia’s melodious voice is refreshing to the ears and that’s one of the reasons why I’ve had her song playing on repeat all morning!

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5. The lyrics of the songs were written by Rafia’s husband, Zeeshan Alvi, and after listening to the duo’s work I just can’t wait for them to produce more hits in the future!

Listen to the full song here!