Sinf-e-Aahan Triggered A Major NUST Vs GIKI Battle & There’s No Place To Duck ‘n Cover!

Sinf-e-Ahan - NUST GIKI

The first episode of the ARY drama Sinf-e-Aahan in its aftermath has triggered a major NUST vs. GIKI battle and it’s hard to not follow it if you’re an alumnus of either one of the institutes.

But how, you ask?


Good question!

You see, there was a scene where an aunty-type asked Sajal’s character about where she’d graduated from. The response was, “NUST.”

Now, for most aunties that should have sufficed and they would’ve moved on swiftly to another topic. But not this aunty. To Sajal’s “NUST,” she responded with, “But why not GIKI?”

Turns out this single scene was fodder enough to erupt a major, nationwide Twitter battle!

Validation milay tou aiysi milay warna kia faida?

A face-off in the same household? Yikes!

Some good old-fashioned name-calling…

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Apparently, a degree from GIKI trumps the need for a gol roti qualification!

And while GIKI celebrated, Nustians tried hard to remind them of their auqaat.

Rumor has it that graduates from all other universities across the country were found grabbing popcorns and watching the phadaa.

Whoever made this meme is a winner!

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As always, medical students skipped the epic Sinf-e-Ahan induced larai because, well, they’re medical students and med kids never got no time for anything!

Hopefully, this fight will die down. And both universities can still get along soon! Yeah right!


Here’s the Sinf-e-Ahan promo if you haven’t had the chance to watch it yet!