Here’s Why Rohail Hyatt Has Been Getting A Talking Down From Pakistanis Including Jawad Ahmad On Twitter

Jawad Ahmad Rohail Hyatt
Image Source: Daily Jang/ Twitter

Rohail Hyatt recently came back to life on Twitter, and since then he’s being massively trolled by Pakistanis including Jawad Ahmad over a Twitter thread, where he defended PM Imran Khan’s comments in which he linked fahashi with rape violence in the country.

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Ever since this topic has become a national debate, many people have jumped to Twitter to either defend the premier or to school him on the matter. Former Vital Signs member, Hyatt is the latest addition to this debate, who has clearly defined his side. According to him, PM’s words have been taken out of context, saying, “going out of the boundaries of modesty invites trouble.”

“As a father, I’d give the same advice to my child to be mindful of how you dress in our society,” he further went on to justify PM’s rape comment.

Many Pakistanis including the Dosti singer were triggered to read a rather insensitive Twitter thread by Coke Studio founder – someone who rarely takes up space on social media – but was quick to come and comment something like that.

Pakistani Twitter was up in arms over his shallow views on rape culture.

Soon after, the Bin Tere singer also jumped in to give Hyatt a talking down and asked him to not “justify rape” with his “stupid” explanations.

The two got into a heated argument, as Jawad Ahmad tried to school Rohail Hyatt that the dress one is wearing cannot minimize the chances of rape in our society. However, Hyatt kept mincing his words and did not have a substantial answer for that.

The rather disappointed 50-year-old singer, in conclusion, wrote that since he couldn’t get a substantial answer for the question ‘Which dresses would he like women/girls of Pakistan to wear to look modest enough to minimize the chance of getting raped by men who can not control themselves?’ from Rohail Hyatt, he’d like to put the same question for Imran Khan.

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