Good News For All Those Fuming Over The Renaming Of QAU’s Abdus Salam Centre!

Renaming Of QAU's Abdus Salam Centre
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News of National Assembly (NA) of Pakistan successfully passing a resolution aimed at renaming of QAU’s Abdus Salam Centre broke the internet yesterday. Moved by Capt. Safdar of PML-N, the resolution called for dropping Nobel Laureate Dr. Abdus Salam’s name from Quaid-e-Azam University’s department of Physics on the pretext of Salam belonging to a religion other than Islam.

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The bigotry and radical ideology seemed to have won yesterday when leaders buried their political differences (which given the history they never do) for a purpose so vicious and demeaning, disrespecting the only Pakistani other than Malala Yousufzai to have earned an accolade as great as Nobel Prize. Expecting anything but a furious reaction to the decision might have appeared naive and so, #DrAbdusSalam started trending on Twitter, with people expressing their anger right, left and centre over a resolution which gave us a glimpse into the fanatic minds sitting in the parliament and deciding the fate of the nation.

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Here, have a look at some of these tweets!

A list was also shared of the NA members who supported Safdar’s resolution and needless to say each one of the political parties sitting in the parliament successfully managed to disappoint the nation once again.

Muhammad Taqi, a noted Pakistani columnist, shared an excerpt highlighting how Dr. Abdus Salam was mistreated even during his lifetime.

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Many shed light on the kind of reverence and respect Dr. Abdus Salam enjoyed all over the world for his contribution to science.

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While the reaction to the development is justified, we are here with a good news for all those enraged by the decision. Turns out the incompetence of our political leaders has benefited the country for the very first time and there’s no other way to define it but luck. Fortunately on our part and unfortunately on the intolerant brigade of Safdar, the resolution ordered renaming of QAU’s department of Physics (to Muslim scientist Abu al Fath Abdul Rehman Al-Khazini) rather than National Centre for Physics (NCP) which is the actual institute honoring Abdus Salam. The policy/troublemakers failed to understand the difference and hence, a campaign launched to strip Dr. Abdus Salam off the respect he has rightly earned has failed miserably as QAU’s dept. of Physics and NCP are two completely different entities.

Odds were in our favour today but we cannot expect fate to be this generous every single time and so, we must call out all those political leaders who continue to use hate mongering as to mobilise masses. We’ve already lost many gems to this fire, we cannot afford to lose more!

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