Qasim Ali Shah Opens Up On His Viral Pictures Controversy

Qasim Ali Shah pictures
Image Source: Lahore Herald

Famous motivational speaker, Qasim Ali Shah recently got himself embroiled in a controversy when his extremely personal pictures got leaked on the internet. In those pictures, Shah could be seen posing at different places in his home; semi-naked.

Qasim Ali Shah viral pictures
Image Source: Lahore Herald

And yes, that got people talking smack about the educationist and saying all kinds of things about him. Moreover, netizens took those pictures and photoshopped them against different scenarios to make memes out of them.

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All of this got a little too much. Hence, Qasim Ali Shah came forward and recorded a detailed statement, explaining his side of the story to viewers about his leaked pictures. While giving the details, Shah couldn’t help but smile at the hilarity of it all.

So, according to Qasim Shah, those pictures were pretty old, and that they were taken at his private residence. He said they were three to four years old.

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Further elaborating on the situation, he said that people in his family do not have passcodes and are left lying for easy access around the house. So, as per his comments, Shah’s data was stolen after he sent his smartphone to a repair shop.

Taking it all in his stride, he commented, “I used to wear Dhoti (a loose piece of clothing wrapped around the lower half of my body) along with a vest while staying inside.”

He even exclaimed that his clothing was appropriate because he was at his home, and no one else other than his family members were present at the moment. “In the photos, no woman is there.”

However, on a serious note, Shah mentioned that he has approaced the cybercrime wing of FIA and has lodged a complaint against this incident.

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