Police Harasses, Locks Up Johnny & Jugnu Staff For Denying To Give Free Burgers

Johnny Jugnu police
Image Source: Johnny and Jugnu's Facebook

Johnny and Jugnu, one of the most loved fast food joints in Lahore used social media to complain about how the police in DHA took their staff into custody and harassed them late in the night on Friday.

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According to a statement released by the restaurant management, police pestered and locked up the food joint’s staff for refusing to give them free burgers.

Yesterday night, around 1 am our kitchen teams were taken into custody by the police. 19 of our innocent crew members were kept locked up at the station for the entire night, without any basis, as per orders from their SHO, they wrote.

2 days prior to this a few police officers came to our phase 6 DHA outlet to get food and upon rejecting their request for free burgers, which has become a common practice for them, the police officers threatened our managers and left, only to return the next day to further harass and pressurize our teams on ground with baseless arguments, asking them to close the restaurant, they added.

Police kept the Johnny and Jugnu staff locked up for 7 hours straight all for not entertaining a “special guest” out of turn and giving them VIP treatment.

In their social media post, they wrote of police injustices and how everyone needs to speak up against this culture; to bring these atrocities out in the open in order to put an end to them.

As soon as the post was published, many other fast food chains and social media users took to their platforms to call out the system and ask for justice.

Soon after, Punjab police took notice of the situation and suspended 9 cops including the SHO who was involved in the incident.

Restaurant owners then thanked everyone for their support in the matter.

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