Furqan Bin Imran Achieves The Impossible; Learns Bodybuilding Despite Multiple Fractures

Furqan bin Imran
Image Source: Arab News

Pakistani boy, Furqan bin Imran has defied all odds by becoming a bodybuilder despite having a rare type of skeletal abnormality called pycnodysostosis.

It is a rare genetic disorder of the bones characterized by distinctive facial features and skeletal malformations.

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Owing to the abnormality, Imran suffered from a lifetime of multiple fractures. He was sixteen at the time he got diagnosed with it in 2016.

He did not let his limitations stop him from achieving the impossible and kept training to become a bodybuilder and a fitness trainer.

Furqan, now 21, followed a strict exercise routine and a diet plan to overcome his abnormalities. Now he no longer has any fractures. In fact, he’s doing quite well for himself as a trainer and YouTuber.

“Since cousin marriages are common phenomena in Pakistan, such disorders have a higher occurrence,” Dr. Salman Kirmani, Imran’s doctor at Aga Khan, said.

There is no clear medical treatment for this genetic disorder, so doctors recommend their patients to be extra careful with their bodies, and not put them under pressure.

Furqan bin Imran ignored his doctor’s suggestion and went on to follow a strict dietary and exercise regimen. His doctor strictly advised him against it though, saying he’s putting himself at a risk.

He didn’t listen to him and carried on for five years. The result that followed shocked his doctor, too.

Such a workout regimen [and] improving bone strength has never before been reported in pycnodysostosis, Dr. Kirmani said. Over the years, he has built up his muscle mass to a point that he has no fractures at all.

The twenty-one-year-old is an inspiration for all those people who give up too soon in the face of adversities. He is a symbol of motivation, success, and carrying on despite hardships.

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