Picture Of A 9-Year-Old Baloch Girl Surfing Like A Pro Is All That You Need To See Today!

baloch girl surfing
via Twitter

Pakistani Twitter lost its calm this week after pictures of a 9-year-old Baloch girl surfing on gigantic waves at a local beach went viral.

I personally don’t recall Pakistanis ever taking any interest in surfing but seeing the 9-year-old kid all geared up in her surfing suit, rocking the surfing board like a professional certainly made me EXTREMELY happy!

Yes! Yes! She needs all the encouragement in the world!

She is a little champ now and let’s hope she grows up to become a bigger champ!

Say InshAllah!

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You go girl!

Surfing in Pakistan is quite a rarity. The child’s viral pictures make one wonder if this extreme sport is actually a thing in some parts of the country and if we should seriously consider digging-up other talented young people like her!

Balkay, why not?

It’s hard to deny that Pakistan is full of talented, dynamic young people who just need a little encouragement – and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, dare I say – state patronage to professionally excel in their fields.

Doesn’t matter if it is sports, arts or technology, if we come across such talent, we should make it our life’s mission(!!) to ensure they get the recognition they deserve!

I really hope that one day this Baloch girl, surfing at a local beach today makes way to international championships!

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