12 Activities To Do With Kids During Quarantine To Avoid Cabin Fever

kids activities Sarwat Gilani
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The current COVID-19 situation has us all staying indoors and that can become frustrating, especially with kids who have the energy to run around the house all day while you pointlessly tell them not to.

A better way to cope with this quarantine is to get involved in productive activities with them. So, here is a list of 12 ways to keep you and the kids entertained.

1. Make a Schedule

Start your day by deciding the activities you’re going to be doing with the kids. Then write them down and dedicate specific time slots with each of them. This will be a good exercise to practice time management.


2. Make a cardboard fort

Cardboard forts are ingenious and inexpensive and stir out creativity among the kids. Using old cardboard boxes, you can help them make houses, furnish it with pillows and cushions and have a tea party during quarantine.

3. Do some spring cleaning or organizing

Since everyone is home, you might as well use that man power to do a little bit of spring cleaning. Play a song and dance while you get some work done!


4. Painting and Coloring

Kids never get bored with a splash of color here and there. And if you want ideas, Sarwat Gilani is holding art class on Instagram daily at 5pm.

5. Make Soap Bubbles

It is one of those activities that kids can do all day long and not get bored. Get some water and detergent, stir it and use an empty ball point to roll out soap bubbles. You can even add paint in it to give it a color.

6. Gardening

This might be a good time to teach your kids gardening. Use pots to grow indoor veggies or flowers. This will keep them busy all the time during quarantine.


7. Cardboard Games

Always a fun way to involve the whole family is playing a game together. Playing Ludo, Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, carrom board and Uno is a fun way to pass the time.


8. Lego Buildings or Puzzles

Involve your kids in brain teasers and problem-solving activities so they keep learning something new every day. And what’s better than building stuff from lego?!


9. Play Dough

With play dough, the possibilities are endless. Help kids to make different colored doughs at home. Then create beautiful objects such as animals, buildings or anything they imagine.

10. Online Workbooks

Lots of children friendly, colorful, math learning workbooks are available on the internet. Use this time to brush up on your kid’s math skills. You can print them or just fill them in on your device.

11. Cooking and Baking

Get the kids involved in cooking or baking. Make cupcakes, brownies or any other thing. Teach them measurements and step by step procedures.


12. Reading

Now is a good time to inculcate reading habit among the kids. Read out children stories and tales and ask them to read them out too. Take turns and learn together.


Hopefully these challenging times will pass soon. Meanwhile, this is a great opportunity to bond with the kids and teach them during their free time while having fun.