Pakistanis Vent Out Their Anger Through Memes After A Hike In The Petrol Prices

petrol prices pakistan
Image Source: Twitter

On Saturday, the Ministry of Finance sent shockwaves across Pakistan when they approved a 10.49 rupees per liter increase in petrol prices. As expected, it was a rather bitter pill to swallow for the citizens. They, however, channeled it out through memes and did not let anger get the best of them.

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Pakistanis made #petrolprices one of the leading trends in the country to express their emotions on the fuel situation.

Here are some of the most lethal memes that made rounds on social media.

People took to Twitter to promote cycling in the midst of a petrol price hike.

And some citizens found an expensive new dating place…

Nawaz Sharif asked some hard-hitting questions.

Following an increase in the petrol prices in Pakistan, the natives suggested a new caller tune to alert the whole nation.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

For some, it was too much to take in.

The PTI supporters got in a difficult situation as they ran out of defenses to present for the ruling party.

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