People Stormed Twitter With Hilarious Memes As Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp Went Down

Facebook down memes
Image Source: Sky News

The whole world rushed to Twitter only to generate memes after the giant social media apps Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram suffered a major meltdown for FREAKING 7 hours on Monday!

Even Twitter had its moment as it wrote: “hello literally everyone.”

Similarly, people across the world poked fun at the situation as they had nothing better to do while staying online. So, here’s a look at some of the hilarious content that came our way.

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Initally, most people thought there was problem with their WI-Fi connection, however, the social media users eventually had to turn to Twitter only to realize that the reality was otherwise.

Pretty much the whole yesterday.

Um yeah, basically!

Even Netflix decided to give it a go.

Twitter threw a major shade at literally everyone as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp went down.

On the other hand, social media influencers’ world came crashing down.

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Here’s someone who used football to take a dig at the hilarious situation.

This meme is pure GOLD!

Twitter ruled the roost like…!

Ooh, that burn!

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