Here’s What EasyPaisa Is Doing To Caution Everyone About Pin Chors!

easypaisa pin chors
Image Source: BrandSynario

Cybercrime has become extremely rampant in Pakistan. The scammers recently have used various ploys to trick people into sharing their personal information with them. Countless Pakistanis have gotten calls from apparently genuine numbers for example banks and other trustworthy organizations. Scammers then are also known for dodging people in a manner where they end up sharing their pin codes and one-time passwords (OTP) with them.


This scam happens every now and then, yet most people still fall for them due to a lack of awareness.

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But hopefully, this won’t last long for too long because someone has devised a solution for this situation.

With their latest fraud awareness campaign, Easypaisa, Pakistan’s No. 1 payment app for transferring money and making all types of transactions, advises people across the country to protect themselves from Pin Chors.

Learn about OTP to understand the context of the campaign

One Time Password, or OTP, is a randomly generated code that authenticates a user for a single login session or transaction. When an unauthenticated user tries to access a system or complete a transaction, the authentication network server creates a code using a one-time password method, which is then matched and validated by the security token on the smart card or device.

What is EasyPaisa’s campaign about?

Easypaisa, the app that revolutionized Pakistani fintech, has been leading innovation and making people’s lives easier when it comes to sending money, paying bills, recharging phone credits, paying school fees, and whatnot. It even facilitated paying for the Covid-19 vaccination card. Now, for the first time, Easypaisa released a new comedic TV commercial to address the serious topic of scammers who have defrauded thousands of people throughout the world. The TVC highlights a variety of circumstances and methods scammers use to exploit ordinary citizens. They employed nefarious tactics of the scammers in the TVC, with a very catchy jingle that has had all Pakistanis dance to the melody.

The compelling TVC illustrates real-life scenarios that scammers use to trick people. The TVC ends while showing how users have become aware of the #PinChors.

This awareness campaign is a really good attempt at awakening the nation. We do not know how long it will take to caution the masses and stop them from sharing their OTPs, but at least it is a step in the right direction.

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