People Hilariously Respond To Mc Donald’s ‘Podina Le Aun’ Text

Mc Donald's podina
Image Source: Dawn Images

On Tuesday, almost every Pakistani received a message from Mc Donald’s asking the receivers if the fast-food joint should get them podina (mint leaves).

mc donald's podina le aun
Image Source: Twitter

People were taken aback after the message appeared on their phones, and they were left thinking if it was by mistake or a clever marketing strategy. Well, whatever their reason for sending out this plethora of texts, netizens had found the perfect fodder for their memes.

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Let’s have a look at the creativity that spilled out on the internet following the ‘podina le aun’ text from Mc Donald’s.

One of the users was just pissed at the fact that he could not respond back to Mc Donald’s text. Yeh kia mazaq hai? 🙄

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While this person here wanted the fast-food company to do the whole grocery for him.

Then there were some who were highly entertained by this tactic.

Meanwhile, some of the users felt plain left out as they didn’t get any text from MCD.

What is this behavior?

Whereas, Farmaishi program was on for others!

Oho, one of the social media users experienced the regular confusion between podina and dhaniya!

On the other hand, some of them got a bit salty predicting Mc Donald’s strategy behind the mass texts. They said it is nothing but a technique to launch overpriced “watered down mint margaritas.”

Well, even though no one has been able to completely evaluate the reason behind this text, they’ve surely had their fun with it, and we were here for it.

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