Bolo: A Digital Platform About Key Service Options in Pakistan

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When looking for information about key services in Pakistan, people can feel overwhelmed due to multiple reasons including a lack of awareness regarding where to find authentic information, language barrier, and obsolete information posted on online forums. A quick online search would probably take you to a multitude of redundant links; consisting of unreliable information disseminated through a plethora of websites and YouTube channels that are solely meant for monetization instead of catering for the needs of end-users. However, there are certain digital initiatives in Pakistan that are looking to bridge this gap, including Bolo.

What is Bolo and How can Bolo be accessed?

Bolo is a platform that operates digitally through a bilingual Bolo website and Facebook page. The Bolo website provides users with trustworthy, clear, relevant, and objectively verified information on matters pertaining to COVID-19 services, civil and legal documentation, and essential social protection services. The Bolo Facebook page offers end-users reliable information through Facebook messenger. Bolo has a team of dedicated moderators that answer queries throughout the week.

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A variety of information and communication tools such as blogs, videos, static images, and posters are used to keep the users informed about the latest updates and information related to service options.

Facebook Page & Messenger

To receive urgent responses based on the most current and authentic information regarding various service options, users can simply send the Bolo-pk team a message via Facebook Messenger in their preferred language. The team consists of trained moderators who respond to queries from 9:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m. from Monday till Sunday. The Bolo team uses existing, reliable sources to provide timely and up-to-date information to people in both English and Urdu languages.


Apart from the Facebook page and Messenger service, people can also access information compiled from reliable governmental and non-governmental sources by accessing the Bolo-pk website. Information on this website can be accessed in both English and Urdu languages by simply using the toggle at the top or the bottom of the website.


The Bolo website currently contains informative articles on COVID-19, civil and legal documentation, persons living with disabilities, various health issues including mental health and will soon be featuring articles on available services related to social safety and the transgender community.

Service Map

The website also offers a detailed service map covering all four provinces. Most of the services listed in this section of the website are either free-of-cost or partially free for vulnerable communities.

Reach Out to Bolo!

Bolo’s websites and Facebook page is regularly updated with content that keeps the followers engaged and informed. The Bolo team liaises with service providers, both governmental and non-governmental, across the country to update its service directory to provide the most reliable information.

So, if you require urgent information on such matters as COVID-19 services and vaccination centers, civil and legal documentation, or available service options for people living with disabilities, or the transgender community, reach out to the Bolo team immediately!