People Have Found Mahira Khan’s Lookalike So We Did A Side By Side Comparison For You To Decide!

Mahira Khan's lookalike

Mahira Khan fans, if you thought that there is no one in the world who could come close to her looks, then sorry to break it to you my friends, you were wrong! People have spotted Mahira Khan’s lookalike and she might actually leave you confused!

The internet has found Mahira Khan’s lookalike who bears an uncanny resemblance to the superstar!

The girl in question, Kurasah Anwer Sheikh is a lifestyle blogger with around 19k followers on Instagram.

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Here are some pictures of the two so you can decide for yourself if Kurasah is actually the doppelganger she is being touted to be!

I mean we’re kinda sold that the resemblance between the two is a bit too much to ignore, no?

mahira khan kurasa
Mahira Khan's look alike mahira khan kurasa
mahira khan kurasa

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And it’s not just the white attire that makes the blogger look like the superstar. The similarities between the two are undeniable in every freakin’ frame!

mahira khan kurasa Mahira Khan's look alike
mahira khan kurasa

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mahira khan kurasa Mahira Khan's look alike

If you look at them separately Kusarah’s pictures almost make us believe that she’s Mahira Khan!

Do you also think that this blogger looks just like Mahira Khan? Share your views in the comments below!