Pakistan’s First Ever Metro Train Starts In Lahore But Karachiites Are Heartbroken

metro train lahore
Source: Geo / Twitter

The Orange Line Metro Train, started its commercial operation on Sunday in Lahore and is the first ever metro train service in the country under CPEC.

The project has twenty six stations and tracks spanning over 27.12km. Around two lac fifty thousand commuters will travel daily using this electricity-run public transport.

Thanks to… oh well.. who should we thank now? Let’s settle to thank the people who pay their taxes on time (because we have no conflict there and it’s not political).


The inauguration of Orange Line Metro Train in Lahore has however left Karachiites grandly heartbroken!

It’s been ages and ages since we have gotten any headline about any infrastructure upgrade from Karachi.

Oh wait nvm we did when a road was constructed within an hour before PDM jalsa.

The metropole has the highest contribution towards taxes but unfortunately suffers the most.

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And people of Karachi are really hurt!

You won’t know unless you have been stuck in Karachi’s traffic!

Many are hopeless and are thinking to shift to Lahore!

Let’s hope these covetous eyes don’t give nazar to OLMT like it did to BRT.

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Oh well.. this is where they win!

But deep inside they’re filled with sorrow!

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Amen to that sister!

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