Larry Summers Gave Pakistan’s COVID-19 Response A Thumbs-Up & Now People Are Trolling PTI’s Critics

larry summers pakistan
Source: Reddit

Former US Treasury Secretary and economist, Lawrence or better known as Larry Summers while talking to CNN’s Fareed Zakaria praised the strategy of Pakistan to curb the spread of coronavirus in the country.

He said that had America handled the COVID19 pandemic as well as Pakistan, it could have saved in trillions of dollars.

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Pakistanis are making the most of the good press the country has received and cant’ stop gushing over Larry Summers. This has also given PTI supporters a reason to troll its critics.

Nida Kirmani, who’s almost always severely criticizing the government (or almost everybody) tops the list of people being roasted after Summers’ statement.

Oh well, people are waiting for the critics to come up with a counter argument because they are not ready to give the government its due credit.

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Finally, youthiyas have something to flaunt while patwaris and jiyalas are busy with the PDM jalsa.

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Even the otherwise largely loved Shahzeb Khanzada was not spared.

PTI supporters want him to correct his earlier harsh criticism directed at the government’s COVID19 response by acknowledging the appreciation coming from the foreign economist.

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