Pakistanis Find Mani A Bit Too Lame In Chupke Chupke & We Absolutely Agree!

Mani Chupke Chupke
Image Source: Twitter

Hum TV drama serial Chupke Chupke has been providing Pakistanis with a much-needed comic relief in these distressing times.

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They are absolutely overjoyed by the acting caliber, comic timing, and dialogue delivery of most of its characters. But, it is the role of Mani, played by the famous Salman Saqib Sheikh a.k.a. Mani in Chupke Chupke that they find particularly annoying and cringy.

Tbvh, we absolutely agree with them. His character is mere unwanted background noise. Mani is an ever-enraged character whose dialogues are lame, erratic, and irrational.

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Most of the time, he’s just idly sitting somewhere watching TV, eating something, doing absolutely nothing but being annoyed by people for even existing.

Also, Mani in Chupke Chupke is way too LOUD!


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Pakistani Twitter is abuzz with praises for Chupke Chupke, but it’s Mani that they find off-putting, and they’re not holding themselves back from criticizing the character.

Yes, he’s (not) funny!

That’s a valid question.

True that.

Ah, yes, what’s up with those crazy hand gestures!?


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