6 Henna Artists You Need To Follow If You’re Looking For Mehndi Design Ideas This Eid ul Fitr

Henna artists Eid
Image Source: Instagram

It goes without saying that a woman’s Eid is incomplete without Mehndi. Getting your hands tattooed with Henna is not much of a hassle than finding the right designs for it.

If you’ve also been looking for Mehndi designs for inspiration and ideas for Eid, look no further because we have compiled a list of Henna artists that you can follow to choose the right pattern.

1. Henna By Maryam

I feel that Eid is for minimal designs because you can always fill your hands with flowers from every corner at weddings. It’s better to keep it subtle on Eid.

Henna by Maryam does minimal so beautifully and even guarantees neatness. I mean isn’t that a win-win? Who even likes bhaddey designs that too, on Eid?

2. Henna by MK

OMG, I’m a sucker for these bareek Mehndi patterns. Ah, just look at how absolutely gorgeous they look!

Henna by MK surely knows how to get intricacy on point!

3. Sarah’s Henna

Look at that oh-so-beautiful Mandala! How can one not fall for it?

I think I should just stop because I’m someone whose jaw will drop open at the sight of Mehndi, so like, you get what I’m saying!

Sarah usually does bridal henna, and her craft is super fine. Once you visit her profile on Insta, you’ll see proper human faces, buildings and what-not art done on hands by this talented lady.

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4. Mehndi by Maria

That’s one fine detailed Henna art you can totally go for this Eid.

Maria prides on using organic Mehndi on her clients’ hands as it gets darker as days progress and doesn’t leave stains on your hands. You can totally book her or just settle with the designs that she has to offer on her Instagram profile.

5. Henna by Hina

Filled fingertips with gol tikka are my thing, if they’re yours too, you can surely choose this one design to apply on Eid.

Henna by Hina makes some fine, intricate patterns that are too hard to resist.

6. Henna by M.Z

That is a good, delicate pattern to opt for this Eid.

If you like these patterns by Henna artists for Eid, let us know in the comments down below!