Pakistani Student Creates A Smart Cap To Help Visually-Impaired Navigate Their Way Without A Stick

Pakistani cap visually impaired
Image Source: ARY

A Pakistani student from Lahore has built a special cap for visually impaired people that will help them to navigate their way, without depending on a stick for their movement. And that is a totally impressive innovation.

smart cap for visually impaired
Image Source: Facebook

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Muhammad Ahmed bin Zia – who is a student at a university in Lahore, has developed this smart cap as a part of his final year project. Zia claims that his special cap will alert visually challenged people of the barriers from a distance of 2.5 meters approximately.

smart cap for visually impaired
Image Source: Facebook

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Speaking with ARY news, Zia explained how the smart cap is made of sensors and vibrators. As the visually impaired will approach a hurdle, the vibrators will alert them of it. The vibrations will get intense as the distance will shorten to tell they’re getting close.

There are vibrators on both side of the cap, and they vibrate whenever there is a hurdle coming from the respective direction.

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Furthering on the project, the student communicated how it took him a year to work on this project.

“I would like to take it up as a free-of-cost project, but at this point, I feel there’s still a month-long work left to do in it. Only then will it be completely ready,” said Zia. “God willing (In Shaa Allah), this is going to be helpful for many people.”

No doubt, Pakistan is a landmine of unlimited talent and this Pakistani student’s innovation of a smart cap for the visually impaired is pure genius. We must appreciate our students and give them the credit that they deserve.

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